How to Store Your Bottles of Fine Wine

I have found a few ways to store a couple of bottles of fine wine I got from some of my favorite wine cellars. It took me a while. I must be honest – I have already spoilt a few nice bottles. Do you actually know how to keep your wine bottles and them for a long period of time? If you are a real wine lover, who likes to preserve his/her wine bottles in a proper way, I would share a few easy tips that you could find useful:

  • keep it cool and dark – direct sun light is the #1 enemy of my wine bottles and it could make the wine age sooner, this might flatten wine flavour. Sunlight makes the temp raise which absolutely lowers the quality of your wine. The prefect temperature is between 45°F (7°C) and 65°F (18°C).  There is a small basement in my house which I use as a wine cellar – this is a nice place for your wine as well. Alternatively you could store the bottles in your pantry, as long as it’s dark and cool. Your kitchen is never a good choice – it is usually too warm and too light for your wine
  • humidity matters – wine professionals know that the right humidity level to preserve a bottle of wine is at about 70%, anyway something between 50-80% is acceptable and your wine will feel at home. The steady humidity level would keep the wine cork from drying out and will seal the bottle for longer
  • bottles on the sides – the best option is to store your wine bottles on the sides, because the beverage will constantly moist the cork. This would preserve your wine bottle away from oxygen getting inside the wine bottle, which can spoil the wine. Wine racks are prefect, well if you do not have one, just be creative. Look for various items at your place that could assist you and make a DIY wine rack – like Pringles boxes or used cardboard boxes that you could use in your wine project
  • keep the wine steady – vibrations could raise wine sediments from the bottom of the bottle and mix with the ingredients which could spoil the wine’s and result is loss of flavour. This is not as hard to do as you think, once you have your wine rack where bottles will stay calm till you pop the cork.

Wein - wine - vino
Photo by: Michael E.

Are you about collecting and storing wine? I have decided to invest some money in a professional wine cellar. This will give me ideal conditions for my wine. If you like to save some cash – your basement or a dark and cool cabinet will also do the trick.

Please use the comments below to share your wine storing experience or the wine rack that you have created by yourself.



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