Aerate Your Wine to Enhance Its True Flavour

Why should wine be left to breathe before you consume it?
Have you ever asked yourself a question like this one? What the difference would be?

You are having a nice dinner party at your home later tonight. You have already invited some family friends to spend a pleasant evening together. To have some chat… to enjoy a few glasses wine… You are anxiously looking forward to the dinner party. You have a few bottles of fine red wine prepared for tonight, they are sitting on the kitchen counter. Then you start wondering…

Photo by Elton Morris, on Flickr

When should I open the wine bottles? Before my friends come or after that?

I would like to share with you what I have learned from John. He is a friend of mine. I know him for a few years. John is a wine enthusiast and always uses the chance to wine-educate me. And I have to honestly tell you, he has some great tips to share!

Once while I was having a dinner with John he said to me that it is best to open a bottle of red wine no less than half an hour before the guests have arrived and the wine party has started. He said that once the wine inside the bottle is left to aerate, it allows the wine molecules to expand and the aromas to develop with the contact of air. To ensure maximum contact with air, John has said to me – “you may choose to use wine aerator or a decanter”. I have found out that both work equally fine for me so it’s a matter of preference.

Wine decanters are sophisticated and impressive wine accessories. They are used to add class and style to the vino inside. Decanters are easy to use. Simple pour your wine, leave it for a half an hour, while it constantly aerates. The downside is that things can get a little messy sometimes… I have broken a few quite easily as most decanters are made of glass. There are a few plastic ones but they do not look the same way. I look forward a titanium wine decanter to be invented so it can last in the kitchen while I am around. 😀

New Decanter
Photo – New Decanter by Geoff Parsons, Flickr

I would rather pick a wine aerator – this is a new-era wine accessory solution. Wine aerators are pocket-fit small. It is pretty easy to carry it anywhere. I prefer the ones that are attached to the lip of the bottle. They aerate my wine as I pour it into the wine glasses and would help it evolve and age more quickly for best results. The wine aerators are typically made of acrylic so they are quite durable and more practical, as they do not take any extra space like the decanter.

The Wine Aerator Is A New-Era Aeration Solution
The Wine Aerator Is A New-Era Aeration Solution

A wine decanter or a wine aerator – you chose, but you should definitely get one of these small kitchen tools to gain maximum joy from your favourite bottle of red wine. Try either one and see the miracle that will happen with your wine.

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