About My Wine Passion

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My Wine Passion

My Wine Passion is a wine accessories brand with a focus on delivering great gadgets to improve your time with wine. Being a start-up company our goal is to deliver a great customer service and astonish our clients. My Wine Passion has its first product live on Amazon.com. It is a wine chiller stick with an aerator spout and drip free pourer. The wine chiller is made of food grade stainless-steel and completely safe for use. The aeration spout is made of BPA free acrylic. The product is designed to be really durable and last for years.

Wine Chiller Stick by My Wine Passion
Wine Chiller Stick by My Wine Passion

Using our wine chiller stick you can either cool down a few degrees a room temperature bottle of wine or preserve the temperature of an already chilled bottle for up to an hour. The first works best for red wines and the second use case – for whites. You are free to use the wine cooler stick with any type of wine – red, white, rose, sparkling, etc. Every wine has its own drinking temperature and we can help you to keep it longer and enjoy your wine longer.

Thank you for stopping by! Please feel free to leave us a comment and share how you have found us.

My Wine Passion Team


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