How to Take Care for Any Wine Leftovers

One problem that many of us have is taking care of leftover wine. There is a joke saying that we do not have to deal with this is we just finish the bottle. Yet, this is an issue many moderate drinkers, just like me have. When you spend a decent amount on a nice bottle of wine, you really don’t want it to go to waste. Here is what you can do to preserve your wine for up to 2-3 days:

  • pour in a smaller bottle/container – pouring the wine in a smaller bottle will minimise the contact with air and will preserve your wine longer
  • use a vacuum pump – you pull all the air from your bottle using this gadget, you can place the cork back and your wine will be fresh for a few more days
  • keep it in the fridge – it you store the leftover wine in the fridge you will prolong its life. Some people even store it in their freezer. Lower temperature minimizes the chemical reactions.
Wine Preserving Vacuum Stopper Pump
Wine Preserving Vacuum Stopper Pump

Use alternatively – you can also get creative with your wine leftover. You can make:

  • wine ice cubes and use with your favorite beverage
  • sauce for your favorite meal – wine is a nice addition for meat or veggies, mix with garlic and fresh herbs to make a delicious sauce
  • salad dressing – add some vinegar, olive oil and herbs and your dressing will be ready
  • poach fruit – add fruit, sugar, cinnamon, ginger, lemon, orange. Mix together and heath up for a nice warm drink

    Use Any Wine Leftovers to Make a Salad Dressing
    Use Any Wine Leftovers to Make a Salad Dressing

I hope I have given you some useful tip and ideas of how to store and use leftover wine. I will visit you again next week with some more tips and tricks.