Taste Wine and Simply Enjoy Your Time with It

So where were we… yes, we have just poured a glass of wine and now it is time to taste it.
I have found out that getting familiar how to taste wine is no more complicated than learning how to appreciate nice music or decent art. I just had to teach my senses to find out which wine type gives me more pleasure.

A Man Tastes a Glass of Wine

I have selected two videos for you. They are both about the same topic and there is something else common in them than wine tasting – they both describe it as an easy process:

How To Taste Wine

by The Good Stuff

How to Taste Wine Like a Pro – Wine Simplified

by betterbooktv

Taste wine like a pro with these easy steps to evaluate wine and find out which one is your favorite one. I evaluate my wine in these three ways:

  • by sight – when I take a look at my wine, I will assess the color and density. This step takes just a few seconds – first I look straight down to the glass, then I hold it against the light, lastly I tilt it a bit to see the color. Seeing that wine looks clear and shows some sparkle, is always a good sign. The crystal clear wine glass will help you with this. Now I give it a swirl to see wine legs (the little drips on the inner rim of the glass). The more legs I see the stronger the wine is. Try with whiskey or cognac to see what I mean.
  • by sniff – I give my wine glass a swirl and take a sniff. There are over a thousand of aroma components in a glass of wine divided in three main categories – fruits, earth and wood. Trust your senses and find all the aromas in your wine. I use a wine aerator to reduce the amount of sulfites in the wine. It enhances the true wine aroma.
  • by taste – I have a sip to sense the flavor and structure. Flavors relate to fruits such as lemon, raspberry, coconut. Structure relates to sweetness, acidity, alcohol level, body, etc. This depends on the age and the region. A good wine should be balanced. To enjoy the wine at the same temperature I use a wine chiller stick. It preserves the right temperature for up to an hour. It is a small wine accessory that really makes a difference.

Once you have gone through these easy steps, you can determine for yourself whether you found your wine to be balanced, if there was anything unique, anything that impressed you, if it tastes good. To enjoy your wine to the fullest, always choose the one that tastes best to you.

If you are just like a friend of mine who differs wine by red or white and by the size of the bottle make sure you drop me a line for a peace of mind. He feels desperate.


Pour Your Wine Without Drips and Spills

If you have ever thought that pouring wine is not that important you should think again. If you mind wine sediments and cork bits in you wine glass, like I do. If you mind the wine stains on you tablecloth after the last birthday party. Then you should read on and I will share with you how I prevent these wine (party) disasters.

Spilled Wine, Fascinating
Spilled Wine, Fascinating by Travis Nep Smith, on Flickr

The first part is fairly easy and simple – just clean the wine bottle from dust. If you keep your wine at the basement, or you got it from a wine cellar it would usually be a bit dusty. This is the easiest way to prevent undesired particles falling in your glass.

Dusty Wine Bottles

Photo by wimdemo – http://www.freeimages.com/profile/wimdemo

When you get your corkscrew cut the foil 1/2 inch from the lip. This will make sure that wine will go straight into the glass and not on the table. Then simply open the bottle.

To help me pour the wine I have got a wine pourer. It is a small acrylic spout that is attached on the top of the bottle. The wine pours through and is directed easily. My pourer comes with a super thin edge that leaves no wine drips at all.

Pour by Jim Sher, on Flickr

After the bottle is cleaned and opened I just insert the wine pourer and get the wine glasses that match my wine. I have already shared with you a few tips on the topic last week. You can find more here.

You should get the bottle a few inches from the glass and pour the wine in the center of the glass. The bigger the distance the quicker your wine will aerate and release its wine bouquet. Fill the glass at about a third. There should be enough space for your fellow drinkers to swirl the vino without spilling it. I used to twist the wine bottle towards the end of the pour to prevent from drips. Now my double layer wine pourer prevents wine drips.

Last but not least when I am a few glasses deep into a bottle of wine, a drunk-proof pour spout that doesn’t leave drips of wine all over is an amazing feature.

Glassware – Choose the Right Glass for Your Wine

I attended a BBQ party with some friends over the weekend. The host was Mike – a good friend of mine. It was planned to be a pretty nice event. We had we going to have a nice chat and some delicious beef stakes. I have to tell you – Mike is really famous with the amazing BBQ he makes! We had brought a few bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon as well…

There was one issue though – Mike had some PLASTIC CUPS …

Plastic Cups Are the Easiest Way to Spoil Your Wine
Plastic Cups Are the Easiest Way to Spoil Your Wine

“What on earth have you been thinking? Don’t you have some decent wine glasses in this house?” Was exactly what I told him and Mike goes “You know I don’t like to do dishes”. So in result the wine had flat taste, no discernible bouquet, and was a bit vinegary.

I got to tell you, using the right wine glasses would make a world of difference for you! Each wine requires its specific style of glass so you can fully enjoy it.

Few people know that holding the glass by the bowl ends up in quickly warming up the wine and likely – spoiling its taste. You should always grab and hold that wineglass by its stem. Let me give you some tips how and why to choose a perfect wine glass for your wine:

  • red wine glasses are generally larger compare to all the rest. They usually have a fuller bowl with a larger opening. Red wines require a bigger glass with larger capacity to swirl it. This would allow all the delightful aromas to fill the glass so you can easily sense them and enjoy them.

Original photo by: Andreas Levers, on Flickr

  • for white wines – make sure you use a U-shaped glass. Such a glass usually has a much higher stem to hold it. Holding the wineglass by the stem will maintain the wine temperature longer. A decent white wine is best served in a glass with a larger opening. This way the wine will be directed to the tip and sides of your tongue so you would taste the wine sweetness.

Original photo by: collectmoments, on Flickr

  • sparkling wine glasses are upright and narrower than all other wine glasses. They capture the aromas of the wine best. The classic shape of a champagne glass enhances the bubbles. Bubbles will burst right at the tip of your lips rather than in the glass. The higher stem helps preserve a cool drinking temperature.
Champagne Glasses Are Upright and Narrow
Champagne Glasses Are Upright and Narrow

I hope this has been helpful! If you visit a friend like Mike, who does not like to do dishes, you know what wine glasses to bring over.

Please, use the comments form bellow to share your pleasant or funny experience with picking the right wine glass.